Drug Discovery Today: how the transition from preclinical research to clinical trials can impact biotech valuations

A recent study published in Drug Discovery Today by Thomas Thurston and Hubert Truebel found low odds of success for biotech startups that raise more than four funding rounds before starting their clinical trials. Highlights: Analysis of 233 biotech startups at various stages, and - separately - 238 biotech startups that were ultimately acquired or had and IPO. There was…


Thomas Thurston speaking at IIEX (Insight Innovation Exchange) Sept. 10, 2020

How Big Data Insights are Disrupting Venture Capital Learn how a leading venture capital firm is using big data and AI to identify disruptive startups worldwide. By using data and statistics to disrupt the way traditional venture capital has been done, the firm is seeing more wins and fewer losses while dramatically reducing costs.  It’s also changing what it means…


New Business Models, Born of Crisis

Along with danger, crisis is represented by opportunity. John F. Kennedy The Business Model Conversation For many years I’ve had discussions with innovation teams about business model choices and making pivots. It’s a tough conversation, especially since in any normal business climate there is little impetus to change business models. Most companies have an established business model that works, and…


Shedding New Light on Intelligent Investment Strategies

"When it comes to successfully identifying the likely success of companies, and steering an effective investment strategy, there is one organization that appears to be well ahead of the pack. The company is WR Hambrecht and the person guiding their analysis and decision-making process utilizing a proprietary software system he developed more than a decade ago is Thomas Thurston, Partner…


Clayton Christensen and the Predictive Nature of Profit-Seeking

Clayton Christensen was exceptional, both personally and professionally. He impacted the world on many levels, and today I’d like to focus on how a narrow aspect of his work has proven to be amongst the most profound: profit-seeking. At its most basic, Christensen restated what we already know – businesses want to make money. (Although that’s sort of like saying…


Growth Science & WR Hambrecht featured on CNBC

Broadcast Dec. 21, 2019 on CNBC WR Hambrecht + Co and Growth Science's MESE® computing system are turning the traditional venture capital model upside down through machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence and disruption theory.  Growth Science also partners with a select group of the world's leading corporations to guide organic and inorganic growth strategies.


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