The Joy of Discovery

I love libraries. I’ve spent a lot of time in them, particularly before scientific journals were all online. As a research scientist I especially loved browsing the stacks to see what else there was besides the item I came for. I always stumbled onto interesting stuff. Sometimes I found things even more relevant to my research than the article I…

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Galaxies Unknown: how discovering the true scale of markets is changing what we thought we knew about business

As people, we experience life at the human-scale. This gives us pretty good intuitions for things that are roughly our size and speed.  Looking at mountains, we can get an intuitive sense of their mass because they’re still more or less at our scale.  This effect starts to weaken when we look across the ocean.  It’s hard, but not impossible,…


Clayton Christensen and the Predictive Nature of Profit-Seeking

Clayton Christensen was exceptional, both personally and professionally. He impacted the world on many levels, and today I’d like to focus on how a narrow aspect of his work has proven to be amongst the most profound: profit-seeking. At its most basic, Christensen restated what we already know – businesses want to make money. (Although that’s sort of like saying…


Growth Science & WR Hambrecht featured on CNBC

Broadcast Dec. 21, 2019 on CNBC WR Hambrecht + Co and Growth Science's MESE® computing system are turning the traditional venture capital model upside down through machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence and disruption theory.  Growth Science also partners with a select group of the world's leading corporations to guide organic and inorganic growth strategies.


Augmenting Innovation Decisions With Data Science

As a venture capitalist/data scientist, I’ve spent over a decade arguing that other venture capitalists and innovators can improve their decision making (a lot) through data science.  While the idea seems like a no-brainer today, 11 years ago it was heresy. Reactions to my work were historically hostile and emotional, and that’s putting it politely.  Words like “data science” and…


Some Ideas Are Better Than Others (and I don’t mind saying so)

Some ideas are better than others. This is a challenge for business strategists, who are voracious consumers of ideas (books, seminars, case studies, articles, blogs, biographies, etc.), but who aren’t typically trained to judge an idea’s quality. This leaves strategists vulnerable to bias, persuasion, poor heuristics and psychophysiological reactions (called ‘intuition’). Everyone from the doorman to the chairman has an…


Forgetful Elephants

They say elephants never forget. In addition to describing big, lumbering animals, the word “elephant” can also be a nickname for big, lumbering companies (ex. IBM, GE, Walmart). However unlike the grey, trunky animals that presumably never forget, companies and businesspeople suffer from a kind of amnesia; they forget failure. Managers seem to forget failed businesses – full stop. Failure…


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