Galaxies Unknown: how discovering the true scale of markets is changing what we thought we knew about business

As people, we experience life at the human-scale. This gives us pretty good intuitions for things that are roughly our size and speed.  Looking at mountains, we can get an intuitive sense of their mass because they’re still more or less at our scale.  This effect starts to weaken when we look across the ocean.  It’s hard, but not impossible,…

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Clayton Christensen and the Predictive Nature of Profit-Seeking

Clayton Christensen was exceptional, both personally and professionally. He impacted the world on many levels, and today I’d like to focus on how a narrow aspect of his work has proven to be amongst the most profound: profit-seeking. At its most basic, Christensen restated what we already know – businesses want to make money. (Although that’s sort of like saying…


Growth Science & WR Hambrecht featured on CNBC

Broadcast Dec. 21, 2019 on CNBC WR Hambrecht + Co and Growth Science's MESE® computing system are turning the traditional venture capital model upside down through machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence and disruption theory.  Growth Science also partners with a select group of the world's leading corporations to guide organic and inorganic growth strategies.


Corporate Innovation – The Science of Luck

“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.”― Niels Bohr In my previous role leading front end innovation in a large company, I routinely gave talks to corporate groups about innovation not only as a practice, but also a theory, a methodology, and a mindset. Being that this company is perennially ranked as one of the most innovative companies in…


Augmenting Innovation Decisions With Data Science

As a venture capitalist/data scientist, I’ve spent over a decade arguing that other venture capitalists and innovators can improve their decision making (a lot) through data science.  While the idea seems like a no-brainer today, 11 years ago it was heresy. Reactions to my work were historically hostile and emotional, and that’s putting it politely.  Words like “data science” and…


Measuring Innovation: The Blind Spot

I was recently at an event where executives from the world’s biggest companies spent hours griping about innovation.  They knew innovation was important, but bemoaned its aversion to hard metrics.  In other words, everyone wanted to better measure, quantify and improve their innovation outputs, but nobody knew how. Some folks believe innovation can’t, or shouldn’t, be measured.  They say things…

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Quant innovation and the 5 stages of grief

If you’re reading this, you probably know I use data and statistics to try and predict if innovations will survive or fail. It’s a world of probabilities, like what you’d find in any Wall Street firm or insurance company. In those cases you’d be shocked if an analyst or actuary wasn’t doing the math. Yet for some reason, using math…


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