Innovators Anonymous and simulating business models

My interview with¬†InsideHPC’s Rich Brueckner about the recent Innovators Anonymous workshop, high performance computing (HPC) and how companies are using technology to simulate business models to better predict if new innovations will survive or fail.

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  1. Andre

    how can I learn more about business model simulation?

  2. Alberta C. Juarez

    The rapidly increasing information universe with new data created at a speed surpassing our capacities to store it, calls for improved methods to retrieve, filter, integrate, and share geo-data. The vision of a data-intensive science hopes that the open availability of data with a higher spatial, temporal, and thematic resolution will enable us to better address complex scientific and social questions. However, on the downside, understanding, sharing, and reusing these data becomes more challenging. Big Geo-Data is not only big because it involves a huge amount of data, but also because of the high-dimensionality and inter-linkage of these data sets. This makes on-the-fly integration of heterogeneous data from various sources a core research challenge for GIScience. We hope that the workshop will help better define the data, knowledge representations, infrastructure, reasoning methodologies, and tools needed to link and query massive geo-data based on their spatial and temporal characteristics.

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