Business Jargon Generator

Need random verbage for a slide presentation?  Want to impress the boss?  Want to toss out a tough question in your next meeting, even if you’ve been playing Angry Birds under the table the whole time?  Want to sound like you have an MBA… or if you already have one, want to sound like you got your money’s worth?  If the answer is “yes,” you’ll love the Business Jargon Generator.

The idea isn’t new – in fact I adapted it from a similar “Random Phrase Generator” my Dad had in the 1980s (he worked for the government so it came in handy all the time).  Whenever you need to fill space in a business presentation, document, meeting or other encounter, simply string together one word from each list (in order 1, 2, 3) and… presto!  You’ll have all the business jargon you need.

Business Jargon Generator

For example, if you’re not sure what to call your next PowerPoint slide deck you might use “Experiential Paradigm Convergence.”  Nobody will know what it means – and that’s the point.  It could mean anything.  Hey – they may even think you’re onto something subtle and insightful!

Want to throw a curve ball at someone during a meeting, ask them how they plan to handle “Extended Scenario Innovation.”  Make sure you do it with a straight face, then watch em’ squirm.

Want your boss to think you’re forward-looking? Ask why nobody’s been prioritizing “Proactive Competence Alignment.”  If your boss asks what that means, say it’s to ensure “Global Impact Integration.”

If you’re an entrepreneur trying to raise venture capital, you might try using every word on this list in your next pitch.  After all, who wouldn’t want to fund “Holistic Network Generation” based on “Intuitive Value Mobilization” to achieve “Catalyzed Mindshare Convergence”?

You’re welcome.

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  1. Nathan B.

    HA! Hilarious!

  2. Jonathan

    Great tool, although it could be improved through more guided synergy modeling. 🙂

  3. A. Nguyen

    This article needs more holistic impact convergence.

  4. Morris

    No… no… thank YOU 🙂

    Love it!

  5. Qoyyuum

    Best List Ever! Thanks for sharing! I might uses these for an event or something. 😀

  6. Tom Hackim

    Very well done. As a professional Copywriter these are very good words to know. I especially liked the credit given to dear old Dad who worked for Uncle Sam and this “schtick” came in handy. Still comes in handy. What goes around…

  7. Tom Hackim

    PS from above … I just noticed the tag line of your company… “Hearing True things is more important than saying smart things”! Cool – that could be a line from Dante’s Divine Comedy. Way out there bro!

  8. Ben

    You missed STRATEGERY – playing on the words “strategic” and common morphological word ending “-ery” or “-ary”

  9. Thomas Thurston

    “Strategery” – that’s awesome! Will definitely add it to the list. Reminds me of “Synnovation” (synergy + innovation)

  10. Andy Nathan

    Love it! You need a confuse button in there for the generator, so people can look at you with a mixture of awe and confusion.

  11. Manbir Waraich

    There we go! I always knew that such a thing existed! I wish I had it before coming to Thunderbird. Could’ve saved 2 years & tons of money 🙂

    Well, better late than never!

  12. Charlie C

    Are you taking suggestions for additions to the list? Suggest adding the words “robust” and “integrated” to column 1 and “best practice” and “optimization” to column 3. And add “multivariate” to column 2. Wonder how long the lists could get if you got everyone to weigh in? 🙂 Awesome stuff – thanks.

  13. Stephen

    Anyone who admires this and similar exercises in language may wish to google ‘Shakespearean Insult Generator.’ While this uses quite different forms of expression the effect is much the same and quite hilarious. I did one called ‘Christmas Greetings Generator.’

  14. charles

    Old Scottish word for “shut up”

  15. Mike

    I was just going through my bookmarks and found this again. I actually created a web page to pull from the lists randomly and my friends and I have been using it for years for our Outlook lunch invitations. Can’t thank you enough for all of the laughs.

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