New Business Models, Born of Crisis

Along with danger, crisis is represented by opportunity. John F. Kennedy The Business Model Conversation For many years I’ve had discussions with innovation teams about business model choices and making pivots. It’s a tough conversation, especially since in any normal business climate there is little impetus to change business models. Most companies have an established business model that works, and…


Is your company anti-innovative?

It’s been said that launching a new innovation from within a big company is like getting a bill through Congress. You spend a ton of time getting votes from peers whose buy-in is critical, officially or unofficially. You have to raise money, and defend it, over and over again. Promises are made, and broken, along the way. Then, even if…


Secret powers of corporate incubators (and lack thereof)

Corporate incubators are like the Xavier Institute (for you X-Men fans). They find younglings with secret powers, protect and guide them through adolescence, then transition them back into everyday society. Almost every Fortune 500 firm has at least one internal incubator like this, and whether you’re in high-tech or no-tech, incubators tend to have a lot in common. The prototypical…


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