Will robots kill jobs, or create them?

A lot of people are worried about losing their jobs to either a robot or a line of code. This anxiety is fair – just ask Encyclopedia Britannica.  Some say 6% of all US jobs will be lost to robots by 2021, others say 38% of US jobs will be automated by 2030, and even in Australia the government estimates…


Mutual Exclusivity Kills Innovation

Mutual exclusivity.  It’s when two things can’t happen at the same time.  It’s when two propositions can’t both be true.  It can also be when a business unit is told to both extend its parent company’s core franchise while also being a new growth effort.  You’ve been warned.



Beware of Core Competence

“Core competence.”  We’ve all heard about it.  The idea of core competence is one of the most sacred in business.  It’s standard in every MBA playbook.  It can also be so fundamentally misunderstood that it’s a trap for the unwary.  Beware! (more…)


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