Business Jargon Generator

Need random verbage for a slide presentation?  Want to impress the boss?  Want to toss out a tough question in your next meeting, even if you’ve been playing Angry Birds under the table the whole time?  Want to sound like you have an MBA… or if you already have one, want to sound like you got your money’s worth?  If the answer is “yes,” you’ll love the Business Jargon Generator. (more…)


Mutual Exclusivity Kills Innovation

Mutual exclusivity.  It’s when two things can’t happen at the same time.  It’s when two propositions can’t both be true.  It can also be when a business unit is told to both extend its parent company’s core franchise while also being a new growth effort.  You’ve been warned.



Intuition is for Scoundrels

Whenever you hear the words “intuition” and “decision” in the same sentence… run.  Don’t just run, sprint like a third-grader.  Sometimes this will make you look odd, but that’s a risk worth taking.  To warp a line from Bob Dylan – intuition is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings. (more…)


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